What is Radical Psychology?

What is Radical Psychology

Radical Psychology (not to be confused with the Radical Psychology Network) is a whole new type of Psychology.

Well… sort of.

I’m not a genius. Not an original thinker. I’m nothing special.

But that’s the point.

Radical Psychology is about giving real people access to the hidden knowledge locked away in psychology journals and text books. The REAL psychology of human behaviour.

But this not about quick fixes. It’s not about mind tricks. It’s about seeing yourself as you really are. Seeing others as they really are. Seeing the whole world as it really is.

A Simple Premise

Radical Psychology starts with a simple premise; people are irrational. From there we can see how human behaviour is not the simple, rational process we think it is.

We are controlled by our emotions and by our environment. These two factors mix together and make us who we are. If we can understand these things we can understand everything about our nature.

Radical Psychology is about understanding and acting on this knowledge.