The Power Of Attitude

We will be talking a lot about a radical psychologists approach to attitude but it’s a huge topic and we can’t cover it all in one go.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Attitude is mindset is philosophy is sense of life.

There are different words for this.

Carol Dweck talks about Mindset, Mike Cernovich talks about MAGA Mindset and Gorilla Mindset, Tony Robbins talks about Awakening the Giant Within, Scott Adams’ talks about Systems Vs. Goals.

This is the new science of human behaviour.

Forget the crap about about being “sceptical”, forget the nonsense about “rationality” or “education”.

It’s crap. All crap. Crap promoted by academics who never leave their enclaves and think in terms of equations and theories and published articles and impact factors.


Radical Psychology is about saying “no” to that tame nonsense and realising human potential.

Look at your life. Look at it. Really look and see how crap it is. See the stuff you hate. See the overhanging stomach (I share your pain!). See the expensive house that seems empty. The fancy car that you fear being scratched. The expensive clothes that don’t fit right. The gluten free vegan diet that makes you dread your dinner.

You’ve bought into a lie. You’ve bought into a system designed to feed you through a consumer-led nightmare keeping you forever searching happiness in other things. It keeps you dependent on other people and other things to make you happy. You’re supposed to hate your life so you are always wanting more and more and more.


To start on attitude do this; Look at your life. Really look.

Then start to turn away. Turn away from it. Question it. All of it.

Realise your life is your own to live and you can make your happiness without relying on all these fake-systems to please you.

That’s the beginning. That’s the radical psychology of attitude.


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