The Beautiful Nuance of Human Behaviour

Human behaviour is a beautifully nuanced thing.

This blog and website will be all about that beauty. We are prone to thinking of our behaviour as a logical A —> B system, a nice, neat process whereby we view the world, judge it, come to certain conclusions, and then act on it.

This is all rubbish.

We are irrational creatures. Prone to emotions and bad thinking. We feel, then act, then rationalise it all later to make ourselves feel smart.

The beauty of this is just how clever we are at hiding it from ourselves. We’ve all been brainwashed into thinking we are logical. It’s a wonderful, self-perpetuating system.

I’ll be going over these systems more and more in the future. The beauty of human behaviour lies in these systems. When you understand the intricacies of how we move through the world you’ll be able to sharpen your own skills, understand how and why other people do what they do, and be able to affect the sort of changes in your own life that you want to see.


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